Buying & growing websites.

When I'm not working at or consulting with businesses on their digital marketing plans, I am buying distressed or neglected websites and making them profitable to sell/flip or derive monthly recurring income from them. 
Developing simple websites that are optimized with content designed to attract & close the ideal customer across all stages of the sales funnel.

Rebuilding Niche Websites

Think of it like your favorite house renovation reality show. I pick up websites that have good bones & a solid foundation (metrics), but they haven't been optimized or are just abandoned by their previous owner. They need to be remodeled and made to attract the ideal buyer.

So, I acquire the old property (website), then go to work repairing any damages (fixing technical issues), remodel it (rebranding or updating the website design), and then making the house attractive to potential buyers (optimizing old + adding new content). Simple marketing signals (link building) to give Google what it wants and needs to maximize it's potential.

My focus is on buying older sites with age and authority.

Then run a comprehensive audit of the site, overhaul & rebuilding the site which is optimized to answer the questions and solve the pain points or trigger the impulse buy of the ideal customer for the site.

Website Buying & Development Process